Twinkle twinkle, little star!

……………” Can a rectangle become a triangle?

Can a mirror talk?

Can you reach the stars with a ladder?

We had a lesson at the university called Social Change  that emphasisez how long and how painful social changes could be. Was it the same for personal changes? There were somethings going on too slow while something going on too fast in life. Perhaps, everything was in the right time, in the right process that should be, but we could mark them as slow or fast. 

For example, I got my first job as an instructor and storyteller 1 week after I came here. 2 months later I was able to find a part-time job. 4 months later I was able to open my bank account. 5 months later, I’ve moved 4 different locations. I think the universe wants to teach me patience and a city like that. I survived and I moved to the fourth place last weeks. ? 

In the north of London, this is a very green area with parks towards the hill. It has a small garden, a cat, chirping birds and squirrels climbing trees. 

Don’t look that I said the house, it’s actually a room. The top roof of a 
a three-storey house. Rectangular shaped. For now, I have a bed, a desk and a small library that I did myself. This Rectangle shape has become a triangle to me. I realized how a tiny roof can become a house for you in a foreign country.

This attic came with a surprise. This was written in my room right next to my bed:

……….Twinkle twinkle little star!

A very old famous English song based on the 19th century.It goes on like that;

…………..When the blazing sun is gone, 
When he nothing shines upon, 
Then you show your little light, 
Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.  

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.  
How I wonder what you are

An antique mirror hangs on the wall opposite of this quote. This mirror is somehow feels like hiding something as mysterious. It somehow feels like hiding a whole seed of the life. It somehow feels like, If I say open sesame, it’s going to open.

Thanks to this mirror, this little star looking at me from where I lay down. And it is always there, whether I open my eyes in the morning, and shut my eyes in the night. It is both right next to me and at the same time in front of me.

Whatever happens in life, this star blinks. It reminds me of a Latin quote I heard years ago.

"mi ad astra per aspera" 
__through hardships to the stars

………….The life doesn’t send us its signs with a big pack,

Sometimes it talks through a mirror,

Sometimes it whispers to our ear through a quote on the wall.

Perhaps it says, “Come on, be brave, when you pass through the mirror, you will find your shining star.”

Perhaps it says, “just remember that star is always with you.”

We’re humbling this song.

………..Twinkle twinkle little star! 
How I wonder what you are

What does a mirror tell you? 
What does a star remind you of?
What are your glittering little stars that give you power?
Or what sparkles do you have that you don't know yet but you wonder what they are?

December 2018