Once upon a time there was a lady in the middle of 20’s, living in a very beautiful city called Padova. She was passionate about writing poems and stories on every beautiful thing she saw.

One day while she was daydreaming near the river, listening the birds, and looking water passing through, a man who has red hat on head closed to her and began to speak:

“Hi Dear young lady, sorry for disturbing. I am Dante.”

“Ooh” she said: “I know you, I did not know that you are living in here.

Dante smiled gently with his eyes and looked the paper the girl holding in the hand. “May I please look at it?” The girl was excited and could just only say:”hıhı”. He took the paper and read one of the poem she wrote and then took the paper down smiling softly and said:

“My young lady, I see that you are very talented and obvious that you have a power on the words. But…” he said with hesitating: “I have something to tell you. Listen very carefully.”

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