Problems wıth Poetry Taste

What do you do first when you are faced with a problem?

Punching, shouting, 
Being speechless, swearing, 
Crying, nervous laughter?

I’m sure everyone has its own unique methods. Now I will share with you an interesting method that has proven to be effective.

Our recipe is very simple. Our ingredients are as follows;

  • 1 Paper 
  • 1 Pen 
  • 1 spoon of problem

First, pick up the a pen and a paper.

Eda! Paper and pen? We're in a digital world, what are you still talking about? If you think like that,please look at the studies showing how pen and paper affect the brain.

If the pens and papers are ready, now it is time to think about the problem. Take the problem to a pan and fry it until it turn into pink.

Then we pour down this problem on a  paper with a pen gently. While doing this, we add some magic to it. Until the problem melts, we make the problem turn into a poem, a song or a story.

Is it cooked? Now you can enjoy.  What’s next? Mental relaxation. Lightness. Enlightment

The source of this method is based on a scientific study. It is belonged to a neuroscientist called Matthew Lieberman from the University of California.

Lieberman says that putting feelings into words (especially poetry, songs or stories) on paper helps to “regulate emotions” in the brain and reduces feelings of anxiety, fear and sadness.

Other researches also prove this. Researchers claim the act of writing about personal experiences has a cathartic effect because it inhibits parts of the brain linked to emotional turmoil, and increases activity in the region to do with self-control.

Last week after I read about this research  I was walking on the riverside with a friend. We have heard some kind of sounds coming from the edge of the road caught our attention. A man sitting in a man’s chair in the corner of the Shakespeare Globe Theater, just in front of the typewriter, and suruonded with people.

Who is this guy, what is he doing here?  He shifted his typewriter to the right with one hand, took out the paper and held it out to the woman standing in front of him. And the woman paid what she wanted.

This research came to my mind again when I saw this poet who wrote poems specific to people and I wondered: 

Did the poet know about this method? 
Was he relieved as he was writing poetry on the problems of others? 
When people read these poems, they feel healing also?

Who knows? Oh Art! How fascinating you are!Ars longa vita brevis.

After this, should we take our troubles dip into the poems?

Excuse me, sir! What was your problem? 
Let’s make it a poem. 
Or a song? 
Or a story?

February 2019